Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Met Gala Gone Punk

On Monday, NY celebrated one of the most expected spring events- the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Gala. With an interesting theme as the one chosen for this year- PUNK: Chaos to Couture, no wonder the red carpet was filled with eccentric characters. Every celebrity wanted to steal the spotlight by showing a more rebellious look, fitted to the punk theme. Apparently, many celebrities didn't get the dressing code memo, choosing to wear quiet, princessy outfits, while others succeeded in adapting the punk look to their own style. As usual, we had some extremely spectacular, jaw-dropping looking celebrities, as well as, some wacky, ridiculous looking ones.
Below are some of the looks that drew my attention.

Rooney Mara was my favorite this year, looking absolutely stunning in Givenchy. For Emma Watson, Taylor Swift and Miranda Kerr, black with sexy cuts was the winning combo. Nina Dobrev showed off her vampire alter ego in a custom-made Monique Lhuillier ensemble and Cameron Diaz wowed in a spiky punk inspired, but feminine, Stella McCartney electric-blue custom gown.

There must have been something bad in the Olsen's water, that made them think they look ok for the gala; there was definitely no punk in Ashley's mumu nor in Mary-Kate's Hugh Hefner dishevelled inspired get-up. Unfortunately, the Stella McCartney jumpsuit made Kristen Stewart look absolutely unattractive, the crotch area.
Madonna...What were you thinking? By far, the worst look of the night, in my opinion, belonged to her. I agree she looks amazing for a 54 year-old, but she has to start dressing more age appropriate and less like some outrageous Russian villain. 
For Miley Cyrus and Nicole Richie the Met Gala night meant death by crazy hair. Trying to hard to impress, Miley missed the mark with her scared chicken hairstyle, while Nicole left me speechless with her frosty coiffe.

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  1. Thumbs up for this post! I've read other posts on the same topic and I really enjoy yours- you make relevant and funny comments. Your HotNess/ HotMess lists resembles quite well to my own.

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    1. Thanks Alma for your comment, I'm glad you enjoyed my post :).
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